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profane and sensitive video including two prince george's county police officers circling on the internet. i watched it and was disgusted by what i saw. >> you won't see the video in the story as it has been scrubbed from the internet. but it shows two african
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american police officers pulling over a driver. in the prince george's police cruiser letting loose. >> there is demeanorring language, racial slurs, cruel stereotypes being used. >> jay-z rapped about it in 99 problems. but in a department with their fair share of problems, they want to make clear that a video should not be wanted. >> it is orchestrated to be put on youtube and a spoof on driving while black. but like i said before, there's nothing funny about this video. it goes against the value of the community and the police department. the two officers were suspended with pay. it's not clear if they were off duty or paid to be in that video. >> i've got to ask you, are these officers african american? >> yes, they are. >> thank you. tonight, a former chief behind bars accused of molesting several students and
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police worry there may be more victims out there. he was a student the potomac school where coleman worked. police discovered three or girls who were vic -- three other victims who were victims. authorities are now asking anybody who might have been a victim to come forward. a concerned mom in rural missouri force a potential massacre. her 20-year-old son was apparently planning to go on a shooting spree on sunday during the showing of the latest twilight movie. blake lamer's mother contacted police after learning her son bought two assault rifles and was off his medication. he had already purchased tickets to see breaking dawn, telling police that despite having 400 rounds of ammunition, he feared running out. he planned to walk to a nearby wal-mart, break the glass in the ammunition case and shoot until police arrived. he is now being held on half a million dollars bond. well police have arrested a
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man they think pulled the trigger in tuesday night's shooting at the bp gas station in northeast d.c. police say that the 27-year-old christopher mcgreg got into a dispute with the gas station clerk and opened fire. mccray is being charged with intent to kill. tonight for the very first time, we're hearing the 911 calls that made the day that the bowie state was killed by her roommate, alexis simpson. now simpson said she was acting in self-defense and found not guilty yesterday. just a warning though. you may find this call for help disturbing. >> i'm at the university right now. >> okay. please take your breath. >> oh my gosh. >> the 911 tapes were never heard in court. simpson plunged the knife into frasier's neck out of fear on her own safety. israel is moving to a possible ground view in gaza
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calling up the reservist. they said that no decision has been made and the israeli armor has been massing around the border. they fired at jerusalem for the first time on friday. israeli aircrafts have been hitting the militant strongholds. with the threat of the ground battle brewing in the battle zone, they are standing by ready. even some of them close to 6,000 miles away. we spoke to the idf reservist in washington, d.c. and whose trip may be cut short if contentions continue to escalation. >> this is gaza and as you can see we actually bombed inside there also. and these are parts of israel. >> reporter: he's suppose to be vacationing with friends here in the nation's capital. but instead in the past couple of days, the 23-year-old has been glued to the news of the deadly missile strikes in his home country of israel. >> and they have just asked to bring in 75,000 troops. >> reporter: he's one of them. just two months removed from the active duty. his name is on the idf
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reservist list. and he is expecting that he will be calling back home, put on the front line in any minute. >> if i do i'll be there because it's a private thing to fight for our country and for our home. >> reporter: the israeli air force has delivered deadly air strikes in response to the missiles being shot at them. they control the gaza strip. it was the israeli air strike that killed their leader on wednesday. and now as the fighting continues between the two israeli militaries, preparing to attack by ground. >> and the israeli people, the jewish people, they believe in that piece. and they don't want to fight. nobody wants to send the 18- year-old into gaza tomorrow morning. but we know that we have no other choice. >> reporter: but until his phone rings, he's sitting it out, watching the conflict unfold oceans away. >> and that will be the shooting of the missiles, daily, hourly. >> reporter: he is anxious with what the near future holds for him and those in the battle zone. but in the meantime. >> i just hope that it will end
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with the students and where it is less casualties as possible. >> reporter: but even if it does, there is no guarantee that those who live on the holy land will ever find peace. 9news. and the former cia director david petraeus was on capitol hill today telling lawmakers what he knew about the attack on the u.s. consulate. >> general petraeus' briefing was comprehensive. i think it was important to have it added to our ability to make judgments about what is clearly a failure of intelligence. >> petraeus told lawmakers he believed all along that the terrorists carried out the attacks that killed the u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. they also addressed his resignation. he quit last friday after admitting to an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. lawmakers said the former cia director apologized and assured him his personal situation that had no baring on theinvestigation. the president and the
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congressional leaders spent their day today trying to find a budget compromise. if they don't find a way to do it in the next 45 days, huge tax hikes and spending cuts will kick in on january 1. that could send us spiraling into yet another recession. well after today's meeting, congressional leaders seemed confident that they can steer clear away from the fiscal cliff. >> it was a constructive meeting. we all understand where we are. >> we all know that something has to be done. there is no more let's do it some other time. >> the parties have to agree on major spending cuts, but taxes are the big sticking point. president obama wants to raise the tax rates on the individuals making more than $200,000 a year, but the republicans say absolutely not, however they do claim to be opened to other ways of raising that revenue. lawmakers are pushing for a deal before christmas. but a new poll shows that 51% of the americans do not believe that congress and the white house will get to that deal. anita? well, the government watchdog group, the washington guardians are giving out their
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golden hammer and an award that no one wants to win. this week it goes to health and human services for wasting billions of dollars. medicare has produced their own anti-fraud video and has their own fraud detection program. but investigators still found the exaggerated billings paid at the nursing homes, sometimes for a therapy that didn't even take place. a lot of people in mourning tonight for the favorite childhood snack. the company making those twinkies, cupcakes, honeybuns are going out of business. hostess says that a nationwide strike crippled their ability to do work so after 82 years they are shutting down. some fans are stocking up on their favorite snacks today. there's a chance that another bakery could buy the hostess brand. can't live without your twinkies? we posted the recipe online so you can make your own. just go to our website on >> luckily i stashed mine in my purse, derek. okay are they vampires or fashion models? derek weighs in on the latest
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twilight saga in tonight's let's be real. and up next, helping out the victims of super storm sandy. we join her on a very emotional journey, top? well we hit 55 today. kind of chilly today. here's your wake up weather for saturday. really a nice saturday morning. 28 to 38 at 6:00. 30s and 40s at 8:00. we should be in the 40s pretty much across the board by 10:00 with the full sun. we'll come back and tell you what the temp will top out at on saturday. looking ahead to sunday and looking ahead for your travel day on wednesday.
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that's why she and her
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friends collected money, handing it out directly to people desperately in need. this is their story. >> i saw the wave coming down in the middle of the avenue. >> heartbroken. we're all heartbroken. >> reporter: within five minutes it was already two feet. two friends and i collected money and supplies, handing them out in staten island, new york. but this isn't about us, it's about these stories of survival. , perseverance, and the inextinguishable experience of those who lived through hell and one who didn't. 85-year-old world war ii vet lived in this one-floor bungalow in the ocean breeze section. >> the surge took him out. he's a tough man. i guess he figured he was here his whole life and as my cousin said at his wake, he determined how he was going to go out. >> both in houses, both on lawn -- boats on houses, boats on
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lawns, boats all over. >> reporter: they were blocks from the harbor. a home flooded, her business, gone. >> everything gone. >> reporter: two weeks in fema insurance is all waring on her. >> you'll have to understand that fema will not relocate me until you come. you have to understand that i'm living with no heat, no electricity. >> reporter: and little to no money. rose's husband, mike, lost his job. through facebook we connected with a dad from maryland putting the word out raising money. >> oh my gosh. >> i can't believe this. thank you. >> we have no power, here is the con ed notice. we need to pay our electrician $300 to turn the power on, which is four days ago. and still nothing. >> reporter: two weeks in the dark taking its toll. they must get all the help they need. and it is not coming.
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>> all the people came together to help us, but what happened to the government? >> doctors hope for the next two weeks or next months they will need help for the months to come. rebuilding their homes. >> now you just watch all the years of working go down. >> reporter: make no mistake, he's a hero. when water started rushing down highland boulevard swallowing cars and people, he helped dozens up to the second floor of the equipment rental business he has owned for 30 plus years. and it overlooks his family's home. he saved lives, he lost a lot. >> what's going to happen with your business? >> i'm out of business. >> reporter: all in all we handed out close to $4,000 in cash and supplies thanks to the generosity of friends, co- workers, and people we didn't even know that heard about us. >> we couldn't have done this without them and they couldn't have done this without us. >> reporter: at our last spot, we met this woman, her friend, and family. if it is too dark for you to see what she did on her home, this is their new normal. >> it is like something you see
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like in a movie. i mean, you know, you wouldn't think that it happens. >> reporter: but it did, unthinkable circumstances, leaving people with their lives and homes etched in rubble and sand. and the cash and supplies will not fix it all, but it may help make a few moments that much easier. >> one day at a time. one day at a time. >> reporter: reporting from staten island, new york, 9news. >> thank you, deborah. well tonight zillions of twilight fans of all ages are out there lining up for the final chapter in the story of a vampire love. but derek says there may not be such a thing. derek what are you talking about? >> yeah, anita, this abercrombie and fitch model is not a vampire. this is a vampire. can't see in the mirror, can't come out of the sunshine. in short they are scary, miserable creatures and the last thing you want is to be one of them. even if they are not quite that
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ugly. take this here. he'll eat you and your girlfriend, except your girlfriend ends up on team yorga. not quite so glamorous, huh? and well then there was this one who was so frightening including those freaky side burns there. but the freakiest vampire ever? no question, this guy who gave me nightmares. so then how do we get from him to this? you know what, i blame the dr acro, la from 197 -- dracula from 1979 because vampires are suppose to be monsters, right? like the alien. but maybe that's the real problem where they could burst out of your chest or kill you in your dreams. a guy with fangs and an allergy to sunlight, well, he doesn't get it done anymore. okay, i get it, but i don't care. there's no way i'm joining team edward or team jacob.
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on the other hand though, how do you think that i look with some really freaky wide side burns? >> get the side burns, d. but okay i will say that there is something sexy about vampires, true blood, hello. >> yeah, we like that. >> there is something mysterious. >> all my daughters of all ages love twilight. i don't get it. i was told last night that it was life changing when i picked her up. >> life changing? >> yes. >> how old is she? >> 16. >> okay. >> life changing. i'm not going to change your life tonight or the forecast either actually. we'll start with a live look outside. the michael and son weather cam. and really the high of 55. very nice right now. it's 45, clear as can be. dew points in the 20s. so it will be a cold night. air mass is pretty dry. we'll see some 20s overnight in the burbs. 30s downtown. satellite picture radar combined with a big storm out west because i'm showing this. it will help keep us nice this weekend and next wednesday. that's going to be the trouble spot for traveling, which will
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be the west coast. the rest is the 48, which looks pretty good. clear skies right now. clear skies tomorrow, and clear skies again tomorrow night. so light jacket for the terps game, which should take care of you. don't forget your sunglasses for the weekend. mostly to partly cloudy day on sunday. just chilly tomorrow night, not quite as cold tomorrow night as tonight. and then nice for the redskins game as well. and temperatures in the 50s. so overnight, clear skies, becoming a little breezy and cold. we'll say one to two blanket night. winds pick up a little bit north northeast at 10 to 15. mostly sunny with a chilly start. 40s to 5:s -- 50s with a fantastic start. plan on temperatures. 48 to 54. mostly sunny, a build cool. but pleasant as you sit in the sun. by the afternoon, great. mostly sunny, cool, almost seasonable. highs near 55. good news for you. the winds are manageable, the winds are northeast at 10:00. not really going to feel
11:19 pm
chilly. it will feel 55, which is pretty comfortable. all right you're going to the redskins game, partly cloudy, pleasant. i would grab a light jacket. temperatures are 52 to 57 and winds are northeasterly at 10:00. they are green and nice tomorrow, sunny, 54. partly cloudy on sunday, 55. and seasonable on monday. temperatures in the upper 50s. yeah, the upper 5:s -- 50s. that's average. a couple showers are possible on tuesday, low 5:s with a very -- 50s with a very quiet travel day. turkey day, 60 with sunshine and on friday, sunshine at 6 6 -- at 62. >> thank you, top. and the jersey game giveaway as we're continuing to do that from now until the end of the football season. now this week, rg3. i hope that our model will be there. >> yeah. >> go to wusa9's facebook page and tell us why you deserve to
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win. we'll randomly select a winner tomorrow night on 7. game on. >> thank you very much. laugh laugh [ laughter ] okay, much going on. maryland basketball, we're going to talk about it coming up next. ♪
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maryland jumped right into the deep end last week losing to kentucky by 3. now they swam over to the kitty pool to hang out a while. and the next few weeks the terps host the likes of georgia southern. not exactly kentucky. miu brooklyn in town tonight. a lot of history hanging in the comcast center. charles mitchell takes it out to murphy getting the loan app. here's his reaction notice. he looks good. 15 points, 8 boards. watch them here as they keep the hoop on the line. and then the little ukrainian clean up duty. that will be 91, 74. football now, maryland will need to break out their black ops uniforms tomorrow against them here. and the seminoles will be
11:24 pm
coming to town at one of the most explosive team in the land. and that will be for the terps on monday. all right, coming up, high school football into the november chill we go. and the playoff time. in frederick county, middletown high school. the clock operator is not necessary. we'll explain next.
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it's time for u.s.a. today high school sports, presented by toyota. >> welcome back everybody. there is great football in frederick county, middletown and walkersville have beat down all that have come their way except one when they played one
11:28 pm
another recently. middletown won that one. rematch, a perfect way to start our night out to frederick county we go. middletown, back in blast. this is smash mouth football for you. just excellent. eight carries, 46 yards, and one touchdown to get it cracking. and then later watch this cut right here by tim schumacher right there. well done, nice view, 27-7 at the half. lambs need to get it going so they say not a problem with the one-yard punt, but that was enough for them. winning it big, 41-8. >> we're blessed to be in an opportune like this, as they needed to play hard. we are just very thankful. we couldn't ask for anything better as we're excited on moving on and enjoying this championship. >> good for those guys and the northwest high school. welcome to the red army. williams, shaking it fast.
11:29 pm
and watch yourself. shaking it so fast that he shook out our camera man, down to the one-yard line, the next play, williams, he will be there up and over. cougars, advancing tonight easily, 41-7. and silicone valley, maryland 3a, awe, cute kids that always make it on the screen. the screaming eagles all the way up here, stating it down to the 2. that sets up a score. but now back come the hawks as we go right here. yes, we do. we've got them, how about you? to the end zone, prevailing. 26-17. all right, that's great stuff. and the battle of the big view. westfield verses chantilly. a great game a month and a half ago as the bulldogs won by three. check out the engage return tonight. here comes the dogs. has there ever been a different name than tyler thrasher walker? and i don't think so. running over that big point without a helmet.
11:30 pm
that sets up the long running mate. who caps off the big drive into the end zone. moves it up big and then they hold on to win, 34-27. all right, the ladies of langley battling through the cold. way to go. stone bridge on the move, but check -- stonebridge on the move, but check this out. the bulldogs were too much on the direct snap. stonebridge keeps on moving, 33- 13 they prevail. all right if you missed any of tonight's action, you can log on to and you can see it again and check out our great features in the air. all right, that'll do it for another great week. taking us out of here is the band of the week. the sounds of middletown high school. take it away. good night everybody. ♪[ music ]
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